The Relation Between Chemical Structure and Physical Properties of Elastomers with Particular Regard to the Fundamental Aspects of the Subject

No complete record of this event remains, here follows a list of the main speakers and their chosen topics of presentation.

Tuesday 18th April

Rubber Elasticity
Dr P. J. Flory (Mellon Insitute, Pittsburgh), Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
"The Present State of Network Theory of Elasticity"
(Identity of speaker not on record)
"Crystallization and Orientation of Stretched Rubbers"
Dr C. W. Bunn (ICI Plastics Div.)
"Intermolecular Forces and Chain Flexibility"

Wednesday 19th April

Dynamic Properties
Dr A. M Beuche (General Electric, Schenectady, USA)
"Non-equilibrium Elastic Behaviour"
Mr D. Bulgin (Dunlop Rubber Co., UK)
"Dynamic Properties of Reinforced Rubbers"
Dr L. Mullins (Natural Rubber Producers Research Association)
"Dependence of Tear and Tensile Properties on Elastomer Structure"

Thursday 20th April

Chemical Factors in Elastomer Behaviour
Prof. G. Gee (University of Manchester)
"The Design of an Ideal Elastomer"
Dr C. G, Moore (Natural Rubber Producers' Research Association)
"The Chemistry of Network Formation in Natural Rubber"
Dr F. Watson (Rubber and Plastics Research Association of Great Britain)
"Network Breakdown"

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday 18th April - Thursday 20th April 1961


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