1972: Multiphase Systems: Their Production and Properties

Monday May 8th – May 12th 1972
Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon


Chairman: Prof. C.H. Bamford (University of Liverpool)
D.J. Meier (Shell)
General Introduction
C. Price (University of Manchester)
"Two-Phase Morphology of Elastomers"
B. Gallot (Strasbourg)
"The Structure of Solid Systems Prepared by Post Polymerization of a Mesomorphic Gel"

Syntheses of Block and Graft Co-Polymers and Networks

Chairman: Dr. W. Cooper (Dunlop)
C.H. Bamford (University of Glasgow)
"Free Radical Syntheses
Cationic Syntheses"

Chairman: Sir Harry Melville (Queen Mary College)
I. Goodman (I.C.I)
"Condensation Syntheses"
M. Morton (Akron University)
"Anionic Syntheses"

Hydrocarbon Polymers

Chairman: Prof. J.C. Bevington (Lancaster University)
R.M. Christensen (Shell)
"The Mechanical Properties of Multiphase Materials"
G.A. Pope (Dunlop)
"Graft (AB) Co-Polymers"
J.M. Locks (I.S.R.)
"Hydrogenated Polymers"

Chairman: Prof. C.B.H. Bawn (Liverpool University)
G.C. Eastmond (Liverpool University)
M. Morton (Akron University)

Chairman: Prof. A.M. North (Strathclyde University)
H.E. Schroeder (Dupont)
"Block Polyesters - Hytrel"
D.C. Allport (I.C.I.)
"Segmented Polyurethanes"
W.J. MacKnight (Massachusetts University)
B. Gallot (Strasbourg)
"Phase Diagram Concentration - Temperature in Binary Systems: Block Copolymer Solvent, Before and After Polymerization of the Solvent"


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