1973: Interfacial Phenomena in Polymer Systems

Tuesday 30th April 1973
Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Creation and Characterization of Surfaces

Sir Harry Melville
Chairman's Opening Remarks

Chairman: Prof. A. North
Prof. R.J. Good (University of New York)
"Introductory Lecture"
Dr. R.G. Crystal (Xerox Corporation)
"Characterization of Interfaces"
Prof. M. Wyn Roberts (University of Bradford)
"Interface Characterization by Novel Techniques"

Chairman: Prof. C. Bawn
Prof. D. Hull (University of Liverpool)
"Creation of Surfaces in Cracks and Crazes"
Dr. B. Grieveson (Shell Chemical Company)
"Foaming of Plastics"

Polymer Colloids

Chairman: Prof. J. Bevington
Mr. D.W.J. Osmond (I.C.I. Paints Division)
"Polymer Colloids"
Prof. S.G. Mason (McGill University)
"Polymer Latices - Model Systems and Film-forming Properties"
Dr. H. Schuller (Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik)
"Polymer Latices - Interactions and Stability"

Chairman: Sir Harry Melville
Dr. G. Howard (U.M.I.S.T.)
"Polymer Flocculants"
Mr. G. Marks (B.P. Chemicals Ltd.)
"Polymerization in Precipitating Systems - Mass Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride"

Friction and Adhesion

Chairman: Dr. W. Cooper
Dr. B.J. Briscoe (Cambridge University)
"Frictional Properties of Polymers"
Dr. L.M. Dadson and Dr. F.W. Lord (I.C.I. Dyestuffs Division)
"Polymer-Filler Interfaces - Packing Principles in Practice"
Dr. W. Wilson (Ciba-Geigy (U.K.) Ltd.)
"Adhesives - With Reference to Epoxy Adhesives"
R.P. Campion (Dunlop Research Centre)

Chairman: Prof. C.H. Bamford
Prof. E.H. Andrews (Queen Mary College)
"Mechanics and Mechanisms of Adhesion Between Polymers"


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