1974: Photo-processes in polymer systems

April 1974
Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Tuesday 30th April

Chairman: Sir Harry Melville
Dr. A. Ledwith
"General survey of photo-effects in polymers"

Chairman: Prof. Bawn
Dr. E.P. Goldberg
"Photo-electric imaging in polymers."
Dr. G.D. Short
"Electron transfer in radiation sensitive polymer systems."

Chairman: Prof. Bamford
Prof. G. Smets
"Photo-chemical cross-linking & polymer partical aggregations."

Wednesday 1st May

Chairman: Prof Bevington
Prof. J. Guillet
"Studies of energy transfer in polymer systems."
Dr. L.A. Harrah
"Energy transfer & localisation in vinyl aromatic polymers."

Chairman: Dr. A.N. Gupta
Prof. North
"Single energy migration down polymer chains."
Dr. D.J. Moranz
"Latent luminescence images in irradiated polymers."

Chairman: Dr. W. Cooper
Prof. Geuskens
"Photophysical processes in polymers."

Thursday 2nd May

Chairman: Dr. R.L. Lodge
Dr. R.B. Fox
"Energy transfer & its role in photochemical reactions of polymers."
Dr. Harper & Dr. McKeller
"Photodegradation & photostabilisation of hydrocarbon polymers."

Chairman: Prof. North
Prof. Booth
"Mechanisms of polymer photo-stabilisation."

Chairman: Prof. Bawn
Prof. Kryszewski
"Studies of photochromism in polymer matrices."

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday April 30th - Thursday May 2nd 1974


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