1976: Orientation phenonema in polymer systems.

May 1976
Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Tuesday 11th May

Chairman: Sir Harry Melville
Dr. Bruce Black (Monsanto Textile Co.)
"Relations between molecular order and mechanical properties in polymers"

Chairman: Prof. C.E.H. Bawn
Prof. B. Wunderlich (Renselaar)
"Molecular nucleation."
Prof. G. Wegner (Freiburg)
"Direct synthesis of extended chain polymer crystals under equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions."

Chairman: Prof. C.H. Bamford
Dr. A. Peterlin (National Bureau of Standards)
"Molecular interpretation of the mechanical properties of orientated polymers."
Dr. P. Hendra (Southampton)
"Structure of melt crystallised polyethylene."

Wednesday 12th May

Chairman: Dr. A.T. Willbourn
Prof. Ian Ward (Leeds University)
"Preparation and properties of ultra-high modulus polyethylene."
Prof. A. Keller (Bristol)
"Summary of front line issues in the field of crystal morphology."

Chairman: Dr. A. North
Dr. E.G. Wilson (Queen Mary College)
"Electronic properties of orientated polymers."
Dr. D. Bower (Leeds University)
"Some spectroscopic methods of studying orientation in polymers."

Chairman: Prof. C.E.H. Bawn
Prof. E.W. Fischer (Mainz)
"The problem of order in polymeric and oligomeric liquids."

Thursday 13th May

Chairman: Prof. J.C. Bevington
Dr. Cyril Cannon (ICI Fibres)
"Orientation effects at fibre spinning."
Dr. R.S. Goy (Dunlop Ltd.)
"Orientation in relation to flexible composition."

Chairman: Dr. A.N. Gupta
Dr. B. Evans (Pilkingtons Ltd.)
"The glass interface."
Dr. Neil Ray (ICI Corporate Laboratory)
"Inorganic fibres"

Chairman: Dr. W. Cooper
Prof. Ray Woodhams (Toronto)
"Structural foams - organic and inorganic."

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday April 11th - Thursday May 13th 1976


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