1977: Reactive macromolecules.

April 1977
Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Tuesday 26th April: Polymer biology and specificity

T. Kunitake (Kyushu)
"Catalysis by polymer micelles"

J. Klein (Braunschweig)
"Reactivity and selectivity in ion exchange catalysis"

H. Ringsdorf (Mainz)
"Synthesis and properties of pharmacologically active polymers"

D.S. Breslow (Wilmington)
"Biologically active synthetic anionic polymers"

K.F. O'Driscoll (Waterloo)
"Gel entrapped enzymes"

R. Epton (Wolverhampton)
"Polymer supports in biological separations"

Wednesday 27th April: Functional polymers

C.H. Bamford (Liverpool)
"Advances in block and graft copolymer synthesis"

D.H. Richards (Waltham Abbey)
"Recent developments in anionic block copolymer synthesis"

H. Schnecko (Hanau)
"Oligomers for block and graft polymer synthesis"

E.P. Sington (Harlow)

Thursday 28th April: Polymer reactions and polyelectrolytes

D. Barnard (Brickendonbury)
"The functionalisation and chemical modification of natural rubber"

J.L.R. Williams (Rochester)
"Polymers in photoimaging"

A.A.L. Palluel (Slough)
"Recent advances in electrodeposition od polymers"

A.D. Wilson (London)
"Ionic polymer cements in dentistry"

M. Braden (London)
"Dental applications of polymers"

D.B. Anderson (Bradford)
"Polymers as floculation and aqueous solutions"

A. Warshawsky (Rehovot)
"Polyelectrolytes for metal extraction and synthetic applications"

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday April 26th - Thursday April 28th 1977


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