1978: Reactive macromolecules.

April 1978
Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Tuesday 25th April

Chairman: Sir Harry Melville
Prof. H. Ringsdorf (Mainz)
"Polyreactions in organised systems"
Prof. E.P. Goldberg (Florida)
Short communication: "Orientation and microstructural aspects of enzyme modification by polymer binding"

Chairman: Prof. C.E.H. Bawn
Prof. J.B. Lando (Cleveland)
"Structure and morphology in monomer and polymerised multilayer films"
Dr. H. Friedlander (N. Carolina)
"Controlled synthesis of polymers in chemisorbed complexes"

Chairman: Prof. C.H. Bamford
Dr. R.H. Baughman (New Jersey)
"Matrix-controlled synthesis of polymer crystals"
Prof. A. Blumstein (Lowell)
"Polymerisation and liquid crystals"

Wednesday 26th April

Chairman: Dr. A.K. Gupta
Prof. M. Farina (Milan)
"Inclusion polymerisation"
Prof. C.H. Bamford (Liverpool)
"Template polymerisation."
Prof. A. Chapiro (Meudon)
Short communication: "Template polymerisation of acrylic acid and acrylonitrile."

Chairman: Prof. J.C. Bevington
Prof. P. Pino (Zurich)
"Control of structural isomerism of polyamides"
Prof. R.W. Lenz (Amherst)
Short communication: "Crystallisation-induced reorganisation of random to block copolyesters."
Prof. E. Maréchal (Paris)
Short communication: "Block copolycondensation."

Chairman: Prof. A.M. North
Porf. A.D. Jenkins (Brighton)
"Initiation by titanium amides."
Prof. M.F. Farona (Akron)
"Polymerisation of acetylenes by transition metal complexes."

Thursday 27th April

Chairman: Prof. A. Ledwith
Prof. F. Ciardelli (Pisa)
"Stereoselective and stereoelective polymerisation of chiral monomers."
Prof. G. Riess (Mulhouse)
"Polyerisation of complexed monomers. Formation of alternating copolymers."
Dr. J.R. Ebdon (Lancaster)
Short communication: "Regulated copolymerisation."

Chairman: Dr. W. Cooper
Prof. Ph. Teyssié (Liège)
Selective synthesis of new block copolymers, their properties and applications."
Dr. D.S. Campbell (Brickendonbury)
A novel approach to the preparation of graft copolymers.
Dr. J.C. Brosse (Le Mans)
Short communication: "Synthesis of hydroxylated liquid polymers."

Chairman: Dr. A.H. Willbourn
Prof. G. Allen (London)
Concluding lecture

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday April 25th - Thursday April 27th 1978


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