1979: Speciality Polymers - Synthesis and Applications.

May 1979
Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Tuesday 1st May: Electronic Effects

Chairman: Sir Harry Melville
A. Ledwith (University of Liverpool)
"Developments in polymer photochemistry."

Chairman: Prof. J.C. Bevington
E.A. Chandross (Bell Laboratories)
"Photochemical methods for refractive index imaging in polymer systems."
A. Reiser (Kodak)
"Photocycloaddition in polymer matrices and organic glasses."
J.E. Guillet (University of Toronto)
"Time resolved emission spectra of polymers."

Chairman: Prof. C.H. Bamford
A.M. North (University of Strathclyde)
"Charge and energy transport and trapping in polymers."
S.M. Walker (University of Liverpool)
"Semi-conducting polymers based on carbazoles."
R.E. Wetton (Loughborough University)
"Metal salt complexed polyethers - electrical properties and applications."

Wednesday 2nd May: Thermo-mechanical Effects

Chairman: Dr. W. Cooper
R.N. Haward (University of Birmingham)
Review Lecture "Special thermo-mechanical effects in polymers."

Chairman: Prof. A.M. North
H.S. Makowski (Exxon, New Jersey)
"Tensile enhancement of sulphonate-containing thermoelastic ionomers with metal carboxylates."
H. Schroeder (Du Pont, Wilmington)
"Fluoropolymers - synthesis and applications."
J.B. Rose (ICI Plastics Division)
"Synthesis and properties of poly-arylethersulphones."

Chairman: Dr A.H. Willbourn
A.S. Hay (General Electric)
"New high performance polymers."
B.C. Anderson (Du Pont)
"Polyethylene-mineral composites."
D. O'Sullivan (Loctite)
"Speciality adhesives."

Thursday 3rd May: Transport and Immobilisation Effects

Chairman: Prof. A.K. Gupta
P. Meares (University of Aberdeen)
Review lecture: "Ion-Selective membranes."

Chairman: Prof. A. Ledwith
C. Rodgers (Case Western Reserve)
"Sorption and transport in polymer penetrant systems."
D.C. Sherrington (University of Strathclyde)
"Polymer supported phase transfer catalysts."
H. Widdecke (Institute fur Chemisches Technologie TU Braunschweig)
"Synthesis and properties of sulphoalkylated polystyrene resins."

Chairman: Prof. C.E.H. Bawn
Two short contributions from the floor
Prof. C.H. Bamford (University of Liverpool)
Final summary lecture

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday May 1st - Thursday May 3rd 1979


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