1980: New Developments in Multicomponent Polymer Systems.

April 1980
Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Tuesday 29th April

Chairman: Sir Harry Melville
G.C. Eastmond (Liverpool)
"Overview lecture."


Chairman: Dr A.H. Willbourn
D.J. Meier (Midland Macromolecular Institute)
"Block copolymer/homopolymer blends."
M. Gordon (Essex)
"Phase equilibria in gels and blends."

Chairman: Prof. A. Ledwith
T.K. Kwei (Bell Laboratories)
"Physical properties of PVC blends."
Curtis W. Frank (Stanford)
"Application of eximer fluorescence as a molecular probe of compatibility in polymer blends."
D. Heikens (Eindhoven)
"Mechanical properties and phase modelling."

Wednesday 30th April

Block and graft copolymers

Chairman: Prof. C.E.H. Bawn
J.E. McGrath (Virginia)
"Block copolymers."
D.C. Allport (I.C.I. Blackley)
"New developments in polyurethanes."

Chairman: Dr W. Cooper
J.H. O'Malley (Exxon)
"Surface properties of crystalline block copolymers and polyblends."
R. Greene (Du Pont)
"Hytrel - new developments."
A.J. Tinker (MRPA)
"New grafts of natural rubber."

Chairman: Prof. A.M. North
H. Benoit (Strasbourg)
"New developments in characterisation by scattering techniques."
F.E. Karasz (Amherst)
"Transitions in multicomponent polymer systems."

Thursday 1st May

More complex blends and IPN's

Chairman: Prof.J.C. Bevington
P.J. Corish (Dunlop)
"Elastomer blends."
L.H. Sperling (Lehigh)
"Recent developments in interpenetrating-polymer-network research."

Chairman: Dr A. Gupta
J.D. Moore (International Synthetic Rubber)
"Influence of graft polymerization conditions on ABS structures."
G. Riess (Mulhouse)
"Rupper-modified plastics, synthesis and structure."
G.R. Bracknall (Cranfield)
"Fracture properties of rubber-modified plastics."

Chairman: Sir Harry Melville
M. Morton (Akron)
"Structure-property relations of some model rubber-plastic composites."
R.H. Wetton (Loughborough)
"Sound-damping by multicomponent polymer systems."

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday April 29th - Thursday May 1st 1980


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