1981: Evolution of Polymer Science.

April 1981
Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Tuesday 28th April

Opening remarks - Sir Harry Melville

Session 1. Dedicated to Sir Harry

Chairman: C.E.H. Bawn
F. Hartley
"Personalities in British polymer science."
A.M. North
"Rate processes in polymer science."

Session 2. Dedicated to C.H. Bamford

Chairman: G. Smets
A.D. Jenkins
"Polymer reactivity."

Session 3. Invited lecture

C.H. Bamford
H. Mark
"Electro and photo-responsive polymers."

Wednesday 29th April

Session 4. Dedicated to G. Gee

Chairman: R.N. Howard
Sir G. Allen
"Polymer behaviour."

Session 5. Invited lecture

Chairman: G. Gee
Sir S. Edwards
"Theory of viscoelasticity."

Session 6. Dedicated to J.C. Bevington

Chairman: K.J. Ivin
F.A. Bovey
"Branching, end groups, and structural abnormalities."

Thursday 30th April

Session 7. Dedicated to C.E.H. Bawn

Chairman: J.C. Bevington
A. Ledwith
"Polymerisation mechanisms."

Session 8. Invited lecture

Chairman: D.H. Richards
M. Szwarc
"Mechanisms of ionic polymerisations : Living and dormant polymers."

Session 9. Invited lecture

Chairman: Sir H. Melville
H. Ringsdorf
"Polymeric monolayers and liposomes as models for biomembranes and living cells?"

Closing remarks - Sir H. Melville

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday April 29th - Thursday May 1st 1981


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