1982: Polymer Liquids, Their Synthesis And Applications.

Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Opening remarks - Prof. J.C. Bevington

Tuesday: Functionalisation of polymers

Dr D.H. Richards (P.E.R.M.E.)
Introductory and review lecture: "End group functionalization, syntheses and applications."

Prof. J.C. Brosso (Le Mans Universtiy)
"End-tipped oligomers."

Dr B.C. Anderson (Du Pont)
"Anionic polymerization of methacrylate."

Dr S Russo (Genoa University)
"New nylon composites based on monomer-filler systems."

Dr P.J. Senior (I.C.I.)
"Biosynthesis of oligomers."

Wednesday: Flow properties of polymer liquids

Dr R.A. Pethrick (Strathclyde University)
Introductory and review lecture: "Molecular chain entanglements."

Prof. W.W. Graessley (Northwestern University)
"Flow behaviour of specially synthesised polyethylenes."

Dr I. Meldrum (B.P.)
"Polymer additives in the oil industry."

Dr H. Block (Liverpool University)
"Relaxation phenomena inter-related with shear processes."

Dr J. Ferguson (Strathclyde University)
"Rheology of biofluids."

Thursday: Myltiphase systems

Prof. J.M.G. Cowie (Stirling University)
Introductory and review lecture: "Phase separation phenomena, comparison of liquids and solids."

Dr M.D. Croucher (Xerox Xorporation)
"Non aqueous dispersion technology."

Dr M.W. Thomsen (I.C.I. Paints)
"Organic polymer colloids."

Dr B.P. Griffin (I.C.I. Plastics)
"Liquid crystal polymers."

Dr C. Price (Manchester University)
"Micelle formation in block copolymer solutions."


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