1984: Interactions of Polymers

Tuesday May 1st

a.m. W.H. Stockmayer (Dartmouth, New Hampshire USA)
Review Lecture: "Equilibrium and Dynamics of Polymer Conformations"
A.H. Fawcett
"(Queen's University, Belfast) - Electrostatic Control of Conformations"
F. Ciardelli (University of Pisa, Italy)
"Photochemical Control of Conformations"
p.m. M.A. Winnik (University of Toronto)
Fluorescence Techniques for Study of Polymer Conformations
R.F.T. Stepto (UMIST)
Monte Carlo Calculations of Polymer Conformations
Video presentation by Dr R.F.T. Stepto

Wednesday May 2nd

a.m. R. Koningsveld (DSM, The Netherlands)
Review Lecture: "Compatibility"
J.M. Pochan (Eastman Kodak, NY, USA)
"Dielectric Relaxation Studies of Compatibility"
M. Huglin (University of Salford)
"Homogeneity of Gels"
p.m. W.J. MacKnight (Umass, USA)
"Phase Behaviour in Polymer Blends"
H.L. Snyder (Du Pont, USA)
"Dynamic Aspects of Phase-separation Processes"

Thursday May 3rd

a.m. D.J. Meier (MMI, Midland, USA)
Review Lecture: "Polymer Blends"
D,J. Hourston (Lancaster)
"Morphological Studies of Interpenetrating Networks"
H.-A.Schneider (U Freiburg, Germany)
"CompatibiIizer Effects on the Visco-elastic Behaviour of Blends"
p.m. J.S. Higgins (Imperial College)
"SANS Polymer Conformations and Interactions of Binary Blends"
R.A. Pethrick (U Strathclyde)
"Long-range effects of Polymer Interactions"

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday May 1st - Thursday May 3rd 1984


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