1987: Recent developments in synthesis, properties and applications of polymers.

April 1987: Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Chairman's introductory remarks.

Chairman: Prof. J.C. Bevington (University of Lancaster)
Prof. Dr H. Finkelmann (Staudinger Institut, Freiburg)
"Some recent advances in liquid crystalline polymers."
Dr H.J. Coles (Manchester University)
"High Speed devices based on LC polymers."
Dr T.G. Ryan (ICI Runcorn)
"Some aspects of LC polymer research in ICI."

Chairman: Sir G. Allen F.R.S. (Unilever)
Prof. E.D.T. Atkins (Bristol University)
"Biological structures and composites involving chain folding."
Prof. A. North (Leeds University)
"Applications of molecular graphics in protein engineering and drug design."

Chairman: Prof. R. Epton (Wolverhampton Polytechnic)
Prof. C.H. Bamford F.R.S. (Liverpool University)
"Some studies of blood platelets with the aid of polymer-drug adducts."
Dr B.J. Tighe (Aston University)
"Synthetic hydrogels for use at biological interfaces."
Dr F.G. Hutchinson (ICI Pharmaceuticals)
"Biodegradable carriers for the sustained release of polypeptides."

Chairman: Prof. D.T. Clark (ICI P&C, Wilton)
Dr D.Y. Sogah (Du Pont, Wilmington)
"Recent developments in GTP and Aldol-GTP."
Dr G.C. Eastmond (Liverpool University)
"Block and graft copolymers: Some developments in synthesis and characterisation."

Chairman: Prof. A. Ledwith (Pilkington)
Dr D.G.H. Ballard (ICI Runcorn)
"The synthesis and properties of polyphenylene derived from a biologically produces monomer."
Dr S.C. Freilich (Du Pont, Wilmington)
"Photoconductivity of polyimides."
Prof. H. Block (Cranfield Institute of Technology)
"A role for conducting polymers in electrorheology?"

Chairman: J.C. Bevington
Dr R.H. Friend (Cavendish Laboratory)
"Advances in understanding the physics of conducting polymers."
Prof. J.M.G. Cowie (Stirling University)
"Ion conduction in polymers made from ethylene oxide macromers."

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday April 28th - Thursday April 30th 1987


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