1990: Diffusion and transport processes in polymers.

May 1990: Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead, Devon

Chairman's and Secretary's introductory remarks.

Chairman: Prof. A.D. Jenkins
Prof. H. Strathmann (Stuttgart)
"Technical needs & industrial prospects for polymer membranes."

Chairman: Prof. D.T. Clark
Prof. Jean Néel (Nancy)
"Pervaporation: Development of a new membrane separation technique."
Dr Tim Naylor (B.P., Sunbury)
"The BP-KALSEP pervaporation system: Membrane performance & properties."

Chairman: Prof. P. Meares
Dr Peter Cardew (I.C.I. Chemicals and Polymers)
"Transport processes in riverse osmosis membranes."
Prof. Enrico Driolo (Calabria)
"Integrated membrane systems."

Chairman: Prof. C.E.H. Bawn
Prof. Patrick Meares (Exeter)
"Polymer membranes in gas-separation: Principles & problems."

Chairman: Prof. J.M.G. Cowie
Dr A.J. Ashworth (Bath)
"The permselectivity of poly(organosiloxane)s containing specific functionalities."
Dr Geofrey Park (Wales)
"Diffusion & transport processes in polymers."

Chairman: Prof. J.C. Bevington
Prof. John Dawkins (Loughborough)
"Polymers in chromatography: An overview."
Prof. Ian Soutar (Lancaster)
"The application of luminescence techniques to the study of diffusion processes in polymer systems."

Chairman: Prof. J.V. Dawkins
Prof. Gottfried Glöckner (Dresden)
"Cross-fractionation of copolymers by HPLC (Chromatographic cross-fractionation)."

Chairman: Prof. A. Ledwith
Dr Karel Petrak (Ciba-Geigy)
"Polymers in drug delivery."
Dr Brian Tighe (Aston)
"Considerations in biomaterials design."

Chairman: Prof. J.S. Higgins
Prof. James Guillet (Toronto)
"Studies of polymers and their interaction by automated inverse chromatography."

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday May 1st - Thursday May 3rd 1990


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