1992: 32nd Moretonhampstead Conference

Tuesday 28th April

Advances in Polymer Synthesis
09:10 Professor Bruce Novak, University of California, Berkeley
"New Synthetic Methodologies in ROMP"
10:50 Professor Chris Alien, University of Vermont
"Synthesis at the Organic-Inorganic Borderland"
11:55 Professor Antonino Recca, University of Catania
"Molecular Engineering for Composite and Environmental Applications of Polymers"
Molecular Structure and Dynamics
17:00 Professor Koge Yasuda, University of Missouri-Columbia
"The 'Surface State'; Structure and Dynamics of Polymer Surfaces"
18:05 Dr Richard Jones, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge
"Scattering Studies"

Wednesday 29th April

Molecular Structure and Dynamics (cont.)
09:00 Professor David Batchelder, University of Leeds
"Laser Raman and Related Techniques"
10:40 Dr Mervyn Miles, University of Bristol
"Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy of Polymers"
Theory and Modelling
11:35 Professor Doros Theodorou, University of California, Berkeley
"Structure and Dynamics at Polymer Interfaces"
Molecular Structure and Dynamics
17:00 Professor Jean Luc Bredas, University of Mons, Belgium
"Modelling Intrinsic Properties of Polymers"
18:00 Professor Kurt Binder, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
"Monte Carlo Simulation of Polymer Materials; Still a Challenge?"

Thursday 30th April

Structure and Function
09:00 Professor Eric Baer, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
"Scale, Interaction and Architecture in Polymer Science"
10:00 Dr Mark Davies, ICI plc. Wilton Materials Research Centre
"Tribology of Polymer Based Systems"
Molecular Electronics
11:15 Professor David Bloor, University of Durham
"Opto-electronics and Polymer Science"
Future Challenges
12:15 Dr Frank Willmouth, ICI plc, Wilton Materials Research Centre
"Future Challenges in Polymer Science and Technology"
17:00 Professor Craig Rogers, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Smart Materials Systems - Integration of function in shapes as the future challenge for Polymer Science and Technology

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday 28th April - Thursday 30th April 1992


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