1994: Waterborne and Water Soluble Polymers

Tuesday, 26th April

Advances in Waterborne Polymers
09:10 Dr John C. Padget (Zeneca Resins, The Heath, Runcorn)
"Synthesis and Properties of Waterborne Polymers: An Overview"
10:50 Professor Anton L. German (Eindhoven University of Technology)
"Advances in Controlling Emulsion Copolymer Microstructure"
11:55 Professor Mitchell A. Winnik (University of Toronto)
"Latex Film Formation at the Molecular Level"
Stabilisation and Function
17:00 Professor Brian Vincent (University of Bristol)
"The Role of Polymers in Controlling the Stability of Aqueous Dispersions"
18:00 Dr John L. Cawse (Ilford Ltd., Knutsford, Cheshire)
"Polymer Colloids in Photographic Applications"

Wednesday, 27th April

Water Soluble Systems
09:00 Professor Charles L. McCormick (University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg)
"Advances in Synthetic Water Soluble Polymers"
10:40 Professor James Guillet (University of Toronto)
"In Search of the Plastic Enzyme"
11:50 Dr Peter Quayle (University of Manchester)
"Aqueous Metathesis Polymerisation"
Modelling and Solution Properties
17:00 Dr David Rigby (BIOSYM Technologies Inc, San Diego, California)
"Computer Modelling of Polymers in Aqueous Media"
18:00 Dr Geoffrey C. Maitland (Schlumberger, Cambridge Research Ltd)
"Polymer-Based Drilling Fluids -Mechanisms and Applications"

Thursday, 28th April

Engineering, Structure and Function
09:00 Professor David A. Tirrell (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
"Genetic Engineering of Crystals, Rods and Monolayers"
10:40 Professor Adi Eisenberg, McGill University
"Block Ionomers: Synthesis, Self-Assembly in Aqueous Media and Properties"
11:50 Simon B. Ross-Murphy (King's College London)
"Polymer Gels on the Move"
17:00 Dr Ian Robb (Unilever, Port Sunlight)
"Developments in Water Soluble Systems"

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday, 26th April - Thursday, 28th April 1994


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