1996: Structural Hierarchy in Polymers

Tuesday, 30th April

09:10 Dr Roger Alder (Bristol University)
"Polymers with Repeating Quaternary Centres and Other Conformational Locks"
10:50 Dr Andy Holmes (Cambridge University)
"Controlled Synthesis of Architecturally Interesting Polymers"
11:55 Professor Vernon Gibson (Imperial College)
Stereoregulation through Catalyst Design
17:00 Dr Dave Lohse (Exxon Research and Engineering)
"Structural Aspects of Metallocene Produced Polyolefins"
18:00 Professor lan Ward (Leeds University)
"The Importance of Structure?"

Wednesday, 1st May

09:00 Dr Dave Leigh (UMIST)
"Mechanically Linked Polymers"
10:40 Professor Harry Gibson (Virginia Tech)
"Recent Advances in Polyrotaxanes and Related Materials"
11:50 Professor Alan Windle (Cambridge University)
"Levels of Structure in Liquid Crystalline Polymers; The Discipline of the Modelling Approach"
17:00 Professor Sir Harry Kroto (Sussex University), Nobel Laureate
"Fullerenes as Materials Building Blocks"
18:00 Dr Jeff Brinker (Sandia National Laboratories)
"The Role of Organics in Determining the Structure of Porous Inorganic Materials"

Thursday, 2nd May

09:00 Professor Paul Calvert (Arizona Materials Laboratory, Tucson)
"Biomimetic Hierarchical Composite Structures and Freeforming"
10:35 Dr Dave Kaplan (US Army)
"Spider Silk Properties, Composition and Genetics"
11:40 Dr Chris Viney (Oxford University)
"From Engineering Protein to Engineering Polymer: Can Silk to be Made to Order?"
17:00 Professor Nadrian Seeman (New York University)
Control of DNA Structure and Topology

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Tuesday, 30th April - Thursday, 2nd May 1996


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