1997: Fields, Forces and flows in making, manipulating and using polymers

Monday, 28th April

09:10 Professor Frank Bates (University of Minnesota)
Block Copolymers: Are They Just Big Surfactants?
10:45 Professor Tom McLeish (Leeds University)
"Tuning Polymer Melt Flows with Molecular Structure -Theory, Simulation and Practice"
11:50 Professor Hans-Werner Schmidt (University of Bayreuth)
"Macroscopic Order of Functional Polymers"
17:00 Dr. Duncan MacKerron (ICI Films, Wilton)
"Effect of Mechanical Fields on the Microstructure of Polyester Film"
18:00 Professor Jean-Pierre Pascault (Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon)
"The Use of Reaction-induced Phase Separation to Prepare Polymer Blends"

Tuesday, 29th April

09:00 Dr. Gareth Price (University of Bath)
Polymer Synthesis and Modification in an Ultrasound Field
10:35 Dr. Paul Holmes (Pilkington Technology Management, Lathom)
Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Systems
11:40 Dr. Harry Anderson (Oxford University)
"Synthesis of Supra molecular Conjugated Polymers: Exploring the Use of Non-covalent Interactions for Controlling the Response of Molecular Wires to Electric Fields"
17:00 Professor Harry Block (Cranfield Institute of Technology)
"Smart Fluids"
18:00 Professor Richard Friend (Cambridge University)
"Electro-optical Properties of Conjugated Polymers"

Wednesday, 30th April

09:00 Dr. Jaan Noolandi (Xerox Research Centre of Canada, Mississauga, Ontario)
"Electrophoresis of Biomolecules - A Challenge at the Cross-roads of Physics, Chemistry and Biology"
10:35 Dr. Athene Donald (University of Cambridge)
"Processing Starch -In the Factory, Kitchen and Gut"
11:40 Professor Mike Harrington (Caltech, Pasadena)
"Polymers Both Enable and Limit the Discovery of Protein Alterations in Studies Ranging from Gene Regulation to Mad Cow Disease"
17:00 Professor Steve Chu (Stanford University)
"Observation of Normal Modes, Coil-stretch Transitions, and Bi-stable States in Extensional Flows"

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Monday, 28th April - Wednesday, 30th April 1997


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