2001: 41st Moretonhampstead Conference

Theme: Reacting and responding polymers

Monday, 30th April

Reacting Polymers
09:00 lan Robinson (Ineos Acrylics)
"Understanding Polymer Degradation and Combustion using Model Acrylic Polymers"
10:50 Glenn Fredrickson (University of California, Santa Barbara)
"Managing Complex Patterns in Multicomponent and Reacting Polymers"
11:55 Dick Pethrick (University of Strathclyde)
"Prediction and Measurement of Cure in Thermoset Resin and Composite Systems"
Polymers and Particulates
17:00 Joe Keddie (University of Surrey)
"Not-so-Passive Polymer Particles During Latex Film Formation"
18:00 Anna Balazs (University of Pittsburgh)
"Response of Polymer Blends to Particulate Matter"

Tuesday, 1st May

Responding Polymers
09:00 lan Sage (DERA Malvern)
"Soft Polymers in Tough Spots"
10:40 Andrew Holmes (University of Cambridge)
"Design and Application of Electro-Active Polymers"
11:50 Christopher Viney (Heriot-Watt University)
"Natural Lessons for Materials Chemistry"
Molecular Architecture Effects
17:00 Rob Richardson (University of Bristol)
"Structure of Liquid Crystal Side Chain Polymers and Dendrimers"
18:00 Lew Fetters (Forschungs Zentrum Julich)
"The Packing Length: A Basis for Melt State Rheological Parameters"

Wednesday, 2nd May

09:00 Tony Ryan (University of Sheffield)
"Crystallisation in Block Copolymers: Confinement, Epitaxy and Breakout"
10:40 Peter Olmsted (University of Leeds)
"Towards a Microscopic Understanding of Early-Time Polymer Crystallisation"
11:50 Cor Koning (Eindhoven University of Technology)
"The Melting Point Paradox of Isomeric Polyamides"
Let there be Light!
17:00 Rudolf Zentel (University of Mainz)
"Polymers and Light: Physical Colours from Polymer Films"

The conference was organised by Professor Randal Richards and Bill MacDonald, and held at Moretonhampstead
Monday, 30th April - Wednesday, 2nd May 2001


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