2002: 42nd Moretonhampstead Conference

Theme: Speciality Polymers

Monday 29th April

9:00 Professor Jim Feast (Durham)
"Self Assembly of Electroactive Oligomers and Polymers"
10:45 Professor Frans De Schryver (Leuven, Belgium)
"Recent Research on Macromolecules From the Ensemble to the Single Molecular Level"
11:50 Dr. Zhenan Bao (Bell Labs, New Jersey)
"Recent Developments in Plastic Electronics"
17:00 Professor Dick Jones (Kent)
"Polysilanes - Their Synthesis, Modification and Potential Applications"
18:00 Dr. Bruce Smart (DuPont, USA)
"Design of Soluble, Amorphous Perfluoroplastics and their Applications"

Tuesday 30th April

9:00 Dr. Craig Hawker (IBM, USA)
"Application of Controlled Polymerisations to the Preparation of Novel Polymers for Microelectronic and Biotechnology Applications"
10:40 Dr. Steve Rimmer (Sheffield)
"Amphiphilic Polymers: Synthesis and Biological Properties"
11:45 Dr. Derek Hudson (Biosearch Technologies, California)
"Laboratory Synthesis of Peptides and Proteins"
17:00 Professor Chris Lowe (Cambridge)
"Combi-chem in Action"
18:00 Dr. Steve Brocchini (London School of Pharmacy)
"Polymers for Drug Delivery Systems"

Wednesday 1st May

9:00 Dr. Wayne Hayes (Reading)
"Synthesis of New Dendrimers and Hyperbranched Polymers"
9:30 Dr. Wilhelm T.S. Huck (Cambridge)
"Polymers as Building Bocks in Nanotechnology"
10:00 Dr. Nigel Clarke (Durham)
"Structure Development in Rubber Toughened Adhesives"
11:00 Dr. Eva Malmström (RIT Stockholm)
"Branched Polymers and Their Applications"
12:00 Dr. Ezat Khoshdel (Unilever)
"The Importance of Polymers in Consumer Products"
17:15 Professor Bob Grubbs (Cal Tech)
"Metal-catalysed Synthesis of Polymers"

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Monday 29th April - Wednesday 1st May 2002

Programme arranged by Professors Phil Hodge and Steve Rannard.


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