2003: 43rd Moretonhampstead Conference

Photograph of the speakers at the 2003 conference.

Back Row: Dr E. Amis, Professor M. Olvera de la Cruz.
Centre Row: Professor H. R. Kricheldorf, Dr J. Steinke, Dr A. Burgess, Professor S. Armes, Professor E. W. Meijer, Professor A. Laschewsky.
Front Row: Professor M. Doi, Dr V. Arrighi, Professor W. Kaminsky, Professor Dame Julia Higgins (Chairman), Professor E. J. Kramer, Professor E. L. Thomas.

Monday 28 April

9:20 Professor Bert Meijer (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
"Polymer architectures via cooperative H-bonding"
10:55 Professor Walter Kaminsky (Hamburg, Germany)
"Novel alkene polymerisation catalysts and novel polyalkenes"
11:55 Professor Hans Kricheldorf (Hamburg, Germany)
"The role of cycles in step-growth polymerisation"
17:00 Professor Andre Laschewsky (Potsdam, Germany)
"Self-organisation of polymers by electrostatic interactions"
18:00 Professor Borje Sellergren (Dortmund, Germany)
"Water - compatible molecularly imprinted polymers"

Tuesday 29th April

9:10 Professor Steve Armes (Sussex, UK)
"Synthesis of biocompatible phosphorylcholine-based homopolymers and block copolymers via ATRP"
10:45 Professor Monica Olvera (North Western, USA)
"Polyelectrolyte solutions in multivalent salts"
11:45 Dr Eric Amis (NIST, USA)
"Applications of combinatorial methods for investigations of polymer physics"
17:00 Professor Ed Kramer (Santa Barbara, USA)
"Defects and melting of 2D block copolymer single crystals"
18:00 Professor Masao Doi (Nagoya University, Japan)
"Mechanical properties of ABA tri-block copolymers studied by self-consistent field theory and molecular dynamics calculation"

Wednesday 30th April

9:00 Dr Valeria Arrighi (Heriot Watt, UK)
"Local dynamics of polymers with neutrons: experiments, simulations and theory"
9:30 Dr Steve Moratti (Cambridge, UK)
"Rigid or floppy? Hyperbranched and dendritic macromolecules"
10:00 Dr Joachim Steinke (Imperial College, UK)
"Threading polvrotaxanes onto applications"
11:00 Professor Chris Dobson (Cambridge, UK)
"Protein folding, and misfolding: From diseases to devices"
12:00 Dr Andrew Burgess (ICI, UK)
"Human Stratum Corneum - structure and properties"
17:15 Professor Ned Thomas (MIT, USA)
"Polymer based microphotonics"

The conference was held at Moretonhampstead
Monday 28th April - Wednesday 30th April 2003


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