2004: Polymer Science of, in and on Biological Systems

Photograph of the speakers at the 2005 conference.

Back Row: Professor D. Pochan, Professor K. Wooley, Professor K. Shakesheff, Professor J. Hubbell, Professor P. Lillford, Professor P. Vadgama.
Centre Row: Professor F. Vollrath, Professor R.J. Jones, Professor D.W. Urry, Dr T. Waigh.
Front Row: Professor S. Mann, Dr S. MacArthur, Professor Dame Julia Higgins (Chairman), Professor N. Seeman, Dr S. Vona.

Monday 26th April

9:00 Dame Julia Higgins
Session 1: Chair - Julia Higgins
9:20 Professor Ned Seeman (New York)
"Not Merely the Secret of Life: DNA Nanotechnology"
Session Two : Chair - Geoff Maitland
10:55 Professor Fritz Vollrath (Oxford)
"Silk - the secret of the spider's success"
11:55 Professor Simon MacQueen-Mason (CNAP, York)
"Producing Recombinant Mussel Adhesive Proteins in Tobacco Plants"
Session Three : Chair - Athene Donald
17:00 Professor Dan W Urry (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
"Design and Function of Protein-based Polymers by Hydrophobic and Elastic Consilient Mechanisms"
18:00 Professor Kevin Shakesheff (Nottingham)
"Polymer materials for tissue regeneration"

Tuesday 27th April

Session Four : Chair - Steve Rannard
9:00 Dr Sally McArthur (University of Sheffield)
"Controlling biomolecules at interfaces: Surface modification and characterisation."
09:40 Professor Darrin Pochan (University of Delaware, USA)
"Construction of responsive materials via biopolymer design and self-assembly"
10:20 Dr. Tom Waigh (University of Leeds)
"The Structure and Dynamics of Fibrous Proteins"
Session Five : Chair - Phil Hodge
11:30 Professor Jeff Hubbell (ETH, Zurich)
"Bioresponsive Polymers in Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine"
Session Six : Chair - Bill MacDonald
17:00 Professor Steve Mann (University of Bristol)
"Synthesis and self-assembly of complex inorganic-based materials using biopolymeric templates"
18:00 Professor Pankaj Vadgama (IRC)
"The science of hard implants - replacement skeletons and teeth"

Wednesday 28th April

Session Seven : Chair - Tony Ryan
9:10 Professor Karen Wooley (Washington in St Louis)
"Polymer structures as delivery systems"
Session Eight : Chair - Geoff Eastmond
10.45 Sam Vona (National Starch)
"Polymers that make you look nice"
Session Nine : Chair - David Bott
11:45 Professor Richard Jones (Sheffield)
"Soft machines: copying nature's nanotechnology with synthetic polymers"
17:15 Professor Peter Lillford (York)
"Polymers on the Menu"

The conference was held at Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, UK
Sunday 25th April to Thursday 29th April, 2004

Programme arranged by David Bott and Athene Donald

The Committee would like to thank the following for their generous support: Elsevier Science, ICI, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Schlumberger Europe, Unilever Research


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