2005: Working at Interfaces

Photograph of the speakers at the 2005 conference.

Back Row: Professor J Rühe, Professor T.P.Russell, Dr R.Buscall, Professor U.Steiner, Professor S.Förster.
Centre Row: Professor M. Miles, Professor K. Jacobs, Professor S.Biggs, Dr M. Geoghegan, Professor J.L. Keddie.
Front Row: Professor H. Brown, Professor K.Matyjasewski, Professor Dame Julia Higgins (Chairman), Professor R.K.Thomas, Dr A.Miller
Not present: Professor C. K. Ober, Dr L. Twyman

Monday April 25

09:00 Krzysztof Matyjaszewski (Carnegie Mellon, USA)
"Affecting macroscopic properties with controlled molecular structures prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization."
10:10 Coffee
10:40 Jurgen Ruhe (Freiburg, Germany)
"From Computer Hard Disks to DNA-Chips: Tailor-Made Surfaces for Microsystems Technology"
11:50 Chris Ober (Cornell, USA)
"Making things small: using polymers in nanofabrication"
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Joe Keddie (Surrey)
"Strategies for Increasing Adhesion Energy at Soft Polymer Interfaces"
18:00 Hugh Brown (Wollongong, Australia)
"Adhesion development between a siloxane lens and an acid functionalised substrate in both wet and dry conditions"

Tuesday April 26

09:00 Stephan Förster (Hamburg, Germany)
"Assembling block copolymers to nano- and biointerfaces".
10:10 Coffee
10:40 Mervyn Miles (Bristol)
"AFM of Polymers at Interfaces"
11:50 Ulli Steiner (Cambridge)
"Soft-Lithography using Film Instabilities"
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Simon Biggs (Leeds)
"Stimulus-responsive, surface-adsorbed, block copolymer micelles"
18:00 Bob Thomas (Oxford)
"Water soluble polymers at aqueous interfaces: what drives adsorption?"

Wednesday April 27

09:00 Aline Miller (UMIST)
"Self-Assembly at Fluid Interfaces"
09:30 Mark Geoghegan (Sheffield)
"Dewetting in confined geometries"
10:00 Lance Twyman (Sheffield)
"Dendritic Polymers as Heme Protein Models"
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Richard Buscall (ICI)
"Polymer colloids, conventional and unconventional"
12:00 Karin Jacobs (Saarbrücken, Germany)
"Microfluidics of macromolecular liquids: structure formation and the interplay of forces"
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Tom Russell (U Mass, USA)
"Swiss-rolls, Doughnuts and Crumpets: Tea Time With Block Copolymers"
20:00 Conference Dinner

Thursday April 28

09:00 Depart after breakfast

The conference was held at Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, UK
Sunday April 24th - Thursday April 28th 2005

Organised by Athene Donald, Tony Ryan and Steve Armes


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