2006: Polymers for Applications

Photograph of the speakers at the 2005 conference.

Back Row: Prof. T. McLeish, Dr. L. Hutchings, Prof. H.E.H. Meijer, Dr J. Steinke, Prof. K. Bock, Prof. H. Sirringhaus.
Centre Row: Dr. N. Tirelli, Dr. N. Clarke, Prof. N. Slater, Dr. I. Sage.
Front Row: Prof. R. Duncan, Prof. J. Kornfield, Prof. Dame Julia Higgins (Chairman), Prof. A. Mayes, Dr W. McDonald, Dr Y. Li.

Monday 24 April

09:00 Dame Julia Higgins
Part 1 Processing for Properties
09:20 Tom McLeish (Department of Physics, University of Leeds)
"Building and testing theories of Multi-scale Polymer processing: the teamwork approach"
10.20 Coffee
10:55 Lian Hutchings (Department of Chemistry, University of Durham)
"Synthesis of branched polymers"
11:25 Nigel Clarke (Department of Chemistry, University of Durham)
"SANS flowing polymers"
11:55 Joachim Steinke (Department of Chemistry, Imperial College, London)
"Closing the Loop: Reactors, Reactions and Novel Materials"
12:55 Lunch
17:00 Julia Kornfield (Department of Chemical Engineering, Caltech, USA)
"From Molecules to Materials: Flow-Induced Crystallization of Polymers"
18:00 Han Meijer (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven Technical University, Netherlands)
"Predicting mechanical performance on short and long term directly from processing conditions"

Tuesday 25 April

Part 2 Polymers in Medical applications
09:10 Ruth Duncan (Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University)
"Designing Polymers as Therapeutics: Towards an understanding of structure-activity relationships of novel nanomedicines"
10:10 Coffee
10:45 Nigel Slater (Department of Chemical Engineering, Cambridge University)
"Environment Responsive Biopolymers and their uses in Healthcare Applications"
11:45 Nicola Tirelli (School of Pharmacy, University of Manchester)
"New hydrogels for controlled release and tissue engineering"
12:45 Lunch
Part 3 Polymers in Electronic Applications
17:00 Anne Mayes (Materials Science and Engineering MIT)
"Amphiphilic comb copolymers: surface structure and applications"
18:00 Bill MacDonald (DuPont Teijin Films, UK)
"Design of films for flexible electronics - Structural Materials Underpinning Functional Materials"

Wednesday 26 April

Part 3 Polymers in Electronic Applications (cont.)
09:10 Karlheinz Bock (Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, Germany)
"Process integration of cost-efficient polymer electronics"
10:10 Coffee
10:45 Yuning Li (Xerox Research Centre of Canada)
"Semi- conducting thin films"
11:45 Henning Sirringhaus (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University)
"Processing aspects of organic printed circuitry"
3:15 Coffee
17:15 Ian Sage (Qinetiq, UK)
"Flexible electronics and displays"
8:00 Dinner in the Tilden Suite

The conference was held at Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, UK
Monday 24 April - Wednesday 26 April 2006


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