2007: Novelty in the Synthesis and Uses of Polymers

Photograph of the speakers at the 2007 conference.

Back Row: Prof T Deming, Prof F Bates, Prof M Tirrell, Prof C Hahn, Dr P Fairclough.
Centre Row: Prof M Hillmeyer, Prof M Turner, Prof G Coates, Prof B Charleux, Prof H Colquhoun.
Front Row: Dr N Cameron, Prof P Moldenaers, Prof Dame Julia Higgins (Chairman), Prof T Hashimoto Prof P Skabara, Prof N McKeown.

Monday April 30th

09:00 Dame Julia Higgins
Session 1: Chair - Julia Higgins
09.20 Marc Hillmyer (Minnesota, USA)
"Synthesis and Aqueous Self-assembly of Amphiphilic ABC Triblocks"
10.20 Coffee
Session 2: Chair - Phil Hodge
10.55 Peter Skabara (Strathclyde, UK)
"Self-assembly of Conjugated Organic Macromolecules for Semi-conductor Device Applications"
11.45 Mike Turner (Manchester, UK)
"New Routes to Conjugated Polymers"
12.45 Lunch
Session 3 Chair - Tony Ryan
17.00 Frank Bates (Minnesota, USA)
"Block Copolymers as Macromolecular Surfactants"
18.00 Takeji Hashimoto (Kyoto, Japan)
"Chemical Reaction at Specific Sites and Reaction-Induced Self- Assembly of Molecular Systems As a Problem In Open-Non- equilibrium Phenomena"

Tuesday May 1st

Session 4: Chair - Geoff Eastmond
09.10 Geoff Coates (Cornell, USA)
"New Advances in Catalyst Development for Precision Polymer Synthesis"
10.10 Coffee
Session 5: Chair - Anna Balazs
10.45 Bernadette Charleux (Paris, France)
"Synthesis of Living Polymer Colloids"
11.45 Howard Colquhoun (Reading, UK)
"Supramolecular Recognition of Sequence-information in Synthetic Macromolecules"
12.45 Lunch
Session 6: Chair - Geoff Maitland
17.00 Paula Moldenaars (Leuven, Belgium)
"Dynamics of Two-phasic Polymer Blends"
18.00 Neil McKeown (Cardiff, UK)
"Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs): multifunctional organic materials"

Wednesday May 2nd

Session 7: Chair - Athene Donald
09.00 Neil Cameron (Durham, UK)
"Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Bioactive Glycopolymers"
10.00 Tim Deming (UCLA, USA)
"Block Copolypeptide Materials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications"
11.00 Coffee
Session 8: Chair - Steve Armes
11.30 Patrick Fairclough (Sheffield, UK)
"Opalescent block copolymers as anti-counterfeiting inks"
12.00 Charles Han (Beijing, China)
"Some Chemical and Physical Aspects in the Applications of Polyolefin Blends/Alloys"
13.00 Lunch
Session 9: Chair - Andrew Burgess
17.15 Matt Tirrell (Santa Barbara, USA)
"Tuning Soft, Hydrated Interfaces Composed of Tethered Polymer Layers with Multi-Valent, Ionic Interactions"
19.15 Reception in The Tilden Suite
20.00 Conference Dinner in The Tilden Suite

The conference was held at Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, UK
Sunday April 29th - Thursday May 3rd, 2007

Programme organised by Philip Hodge and Geoffrey Maitland


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