2008: Energy, Sustainability and the Environment

Photograph of the speakers at the 2008 conference.

Sunday April 27th - Thursday May 1st, 2008
Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire
Chairman: Professor Anthony J. Ryan OBE


1 Professor Wade Adams (Rice University, USA)
"Nanotechnology and Energy From the Smalley Vision to Revolutions in Industry"
2 Dr Ian Robb (Halliburton, USA)
"Applications of Polymers in Oil Recovery amphiphilic"
3 Dr Scott Milner (Exxon, USA)
"Boosting Butyl per BTU: Cranking Up Production with Polymer Science "
4 Professor Peter Bruce (St Andrews)
"Energy Storage Beyond the Horizon: A Challenge for Materials"
5 Professor Nitash Balsara (Berkeley, USA)
"Block Copolymer Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries"
6 Dr Charlotte Williams (Imperial College)
"Catalytic Activation of Renewable Resources to Make Polymers"
7 Dr Joao Cabral (Imperial College)
"Polymer Synthesis, Formulation, Processing and Analysis in Microfluidics"
8 Dr Tim Gough (Bradford)
"Small can be beautiful - studies in microscale extrusion and injection moulding"
9 Professor Norman Billingham (Sussex)
"Environmentally Friendly Polymers: The Contribution of Polyolefins"
10 Professor Ann-Christine Albertsson (KTH, Stockholm)
"Renewable and Degradable Polymers"
11 Dr Alan Schrock (Dow Chemicals, USA)
"Chemistry and Polymer Science of Seed-oil Based Polyurethanes"
12 Professor Steve Howdle (Nottingham)
"Supercritical Carbon Dioxide - More than just a Green Solvent"
13 Professor Eric Hoek (UCLA, USA) (tbc)
"Polymer membranes for water desalination and purification"
14 Dr Christoph Brabec (Konarka, Germany)
"Processing Photovoltaic Devices"
15 Professor Jim Barber (Imperial College)
"How Nature Uses Sunlight to Provide the Oxygen We Breathe and the Hydrogen to Power Metabolism"

Programme arranged by Professors Tony Ryan and Geoff Maitland

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