2010: Polymer Science: The Next Fifty Years

Photograph of the speakers at the 2010 conference.

Back Row: Dr S Rimmer, Prof P Messersmith, Prof R Grubbs, Prof R Jones, Prof J Feast, Dr J Rieger.
Centre Row: Prof E Reichmanis, Prof C Hawker, Prof I Manners, Prof A Cooper, Prof J Frechet
Front Row: Prof T McLeish, Prof V Vogel, Prof L Leibler, Prof Tony Ryan (Chairman), Prof A Donald, Prof E Kramer.

Sunday 25th - Thursday 29th April, 2010
Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire
Conference Chairman: Professor Anthony J Ryan


1 Professor Jim Feast (University of Durham)
"Polymer Synthesis: Achievements and Challenges"
2 Professor Ludwik Leibler (ESPCI, Paris)
"Oleo Chemistry meets Supramolecular Chemistry: Polymer-like Materials of the Future"
3 Professor Athene Donald (Cambridge University)
"When Can You Treat Proteins Just as Polymers?"
4 Professor Jean Frechet (University of California, USA)
"Designing Polymers for Therapeutic Applications."
5 Professor Tom McLeish (University of Durham)
"How to Invent LDPE on a Computer, and Other Just-so Things"
6 Professor Robert Grubbs (California Institute of Technology, USA)
"Polymers with Defined Structures using Organometallic Complexes"
7 Professor Viola Vogel (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
"The Roles of Force-Bearing, Hydrogen-Bonded Networks in Regulating Mechano-Chemical Signal Conversion"
8 Professor Elsa Reichmanis (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
"Advanced Polymer Materials for Electronic Applications "
9 Professor Ian Manners (University of Bristol)
"Living Supramolecular Polymerizations"
10 Professor Andy Cooper (Liverpool University)
"Porous Organic Molecules"
11 Professor Ed Kramer (University of California, USA)
"Polymer Physics of Block Copolymers: Design and Application"
12 Professor Prof Craig Hawker (University of California, USA)
"New and Old Chemistry for the Design and Synthesis of Functional Polymeric Materials"
13 Professor Phillip Messersmith (Northwestern University, USA)
"Biomimetic Polymer Analogs of Mussel Adhesive Proteins"
14 Professor Laura Kiessling (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
"Synthetic Polymers as Biological Probes"
15 Dr Jens Rieger (BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Germany)
"Mysteries in Polymer Physics"
16 Prof Richard Jones (University of Sheffield)
"Soft Nanotechnology:To What Extent Can We Copy Biology with Synthetic Macromolecules?"

Programme arranged by Professors Anthony Ryan, Phil Hodge and John Stanford

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