2012: Polymers for People

Photograph of the speakers at the 2012 conference.

Back Row: Roland Franz, Glyn Roberts, Phil Souter, Mike Gidley; David Weitz, Robb Hermes
Centre Row: Derek Irvine, Ezat Khoshdel, David Lidzey, Stefan Bon.
Front Row: Eugenia Kumacheva, Hong–Yee Low, Kathryn Uhrich, Tony Ryan (Chairman), Heather Maynard, Kazunori Kataoka.

2012 Polymers for people logo, based - Olympic benzene rings

HPRG 52nd Meeting

Sunday 29th April - Thursday 3rd May, 2012
Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire

Conference Chairmen: Professor Neil Cameron and Dr Ian Robinson


1 Professor Stefan Bon (Warwick University, UK)
"Supracolloidal chemistry: from building blocks to assembled structures"
2 Dr Roland Franz (Fraunhofer-Institute for Process Technology and Packaging , Germany)
"From activation energy of diffusion in polymers to food and consumer safety"
3 Professor Mike Gidley (University of Queensland, Australia)
"Natural biopolymer assemblies in foods and their behaviour during digestion"
4 Dr Robb Hermes (Los Alamos, USA)
"A new use for a commodity monomer: deep water oil wells"
5 Professor Paul Hogg (Manchester University, UK)
"Powered by Composites: Clean Energy and Record Breaking Sport"
6 Professor Derek Irvine (Nottingham University, UK)
"Microwave assisted scale up - selective power for selective people"
7 Dr Mike Jenkins University of Birmingham, UK)
"Polymers in sports technology: an overview"
8 Professor Kazunori Kataoka (University of Tokyo, Japan)
"Block copoloymer self-assemblies as smart nanocarriers in gene and drug delivery"
9 Professor Eugenia Kumacheva (University of Toronto, Canada)
"Microfluidic Generation of Polymer Microgels: A Sea of Applications"
10 Professor David Lidzey (University of Sheffield, UK)
"Organic photovoltaic devices: technology and materials"
11 Dr. Hong-Yee Low (A Star, Singapore)
"Biomimetic Surface Functionalities through Nanoimprinted Micro- and Nanostructures"
12 Professor. Heather Maynard (UCLA, USA)
"Protein-polymer nanocapsules for drug delivery"
13 Dr Glyn Roberts and Dr Ezat Khoshdel (Unilever, UK)
"Toward a Sustainable Future - How Polymer Chemist will enable 21st century Home and Personal Care"
14 Dr. Phil Souter (Procter & Gamble, UK)
"Developing a household-based water purification product for low income consumers"
15 Professor Kathryn Uhrich (Rutgers University, USA)
"Polymers with a Purpose: Biocompatible Polymers that Degrade into Bioactives"
16 Professor David Weitz (Harvard University, USA)
"Emulsion templated colloidal structures fabricated with microfluidics"

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