2014: Sustainable Polymer Science & Engineering

Photograph of the speakers at the 2014 conference.

Back Row: Stephen Miller; Han Meijer; Natalie Stingelin-Stutzmann; Louis Guilette; Steve Rannard.
Centre Row: Hiroshi Watanabe; Sir Richard Friend.
Front Row: Martin Atkins; Brigitte Voit; Tony Ryan (HPRG Chairman); Wim Thielemans; Charlotte Williams. Absent: Tom Davis; Paula Hammond; Mats Johansson; Ton van Mol

HPRG 54th Meeting

Sunday 27th April - Thursday 1st May, 2014 Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire

Conference Chairmen: Dr Mike Elwell and Professor Steve Howdle

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

1 Professor Martin Atkins (Queen’s University Belfast) "Gas Fermentation - a next wave of innovation for the production of fuels and chemicals"
2 Professor Tom Davis, (University of New South Wales) "New Polymeric Nanoparticles for Delivery and Imaging Applications"
3 Professor Sir Richard Friend (University of Cambridge) "Polymer Electronics"
4 Professor Lou Guilette, (Medical University of South Carolina) "Embryonic Origins of Adult Disease: Environmental Contaminants and the Need for a 'Green'er Chemistry"
5 Professor Paula Hammond, (MIT) "Electrostatic Assembly of Multi-Agent Delivery Systems for Nano – to Micro Pharmacies"
6 Professor Mats Johansson (KTH Stockholm) "Photopolymerisation of Biobased Monomer Systems"
7 Professor Han Meijer, (Technical University of Eindhoven) "Fractal Structuring in Polymer Processing"
8 Professor Stephen Miller (Florida University) "Programming the Properties and Degradation Behaviour of Environmentally Responsible Polymers"
9 Dr. Ton van Mol, (TNO and The Holst Centre) "Flexible lighting and display panels based on organic emitting materials"
10 Professor Steve Rannard, (University of Liverpool) "Utilising Polymers to Tackle Chronic Diseases"
11 Dr. Nathalie Stingelin-Stutzmann, (Imperial College) "'Cool' Plastics: Towards novel heat management concepts based on solution-processable polymers and inorganic/organic hybrid systems"
12 Dr. Wim Thielemans, (University of Nottingham) "Cellulose nano-whiskers as technology platform for advanced materials"
13 Professor Brigitte Voit, (IPF Dresden) "High performance polymeric materials and composites by interface design: essential prerequisites for efficient energy use"
14 Professor Hiroshi Watanabe, (Kyoto University) "Rheology and Flow/Deformation Mechanism in Multiblock Copolymers"
15 Professor Charlotte Williams, (Imperial College) "Catalytic Activation of Renewable Resources for Polymer Synthesis"

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