How Polymers are Central to the Covid Pandemic Response - and What They Offer In Future

The video above is from the High Polymer Research Group's online meeting on Wednesday 28th April 2021:

TITLE: "How Polymers are Central to the Covid Pandemic Response - and What They Offer In Future"

PRESENTED BY: Cameron Alexander, Professor of Polymer Therapeutics at the University of Nottingham, UK

Abstract: Much of the media focus on polymers recently has been a negative association with pollution, with the exception of a few 'good news' stories about 'plastics' in protective equipment against Covid-19 transmission. However, polymers are essential components of RNA vaccine formulations, and may offer greater formulation space, as well as efficacy, in future vaccines. Further these materials can be deployed against not only Covid-19 and its expected variants, but many new emerging pathogens. This talk will briefly describe the current RNA Covid-19 vaccine formulations and some recent developments in polymers for new RNA (and other nucleic acid) formulations.

THANKS TO: Treesearch for provided the Zoom account used in the meeting.

The banner is a false-coloured transmission electron micrograph taken at extreme magnification to reveal the spike proteins characteristic of coronaviruses (coloured red). The virions in this instance are Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Image by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), 2014. (Public domain, acquired from March 2021)


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