HPRG 60th Conference: Polymers in Extreme Environments

Sunday 24th to Thursday 28th April 2022
Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire

Programme Organisers: Professor Eva Malmström and Dr Gareth Crapper


Monday 25th April

08:45Professor Andy Cooper, Chair, HPRG (University of Liverpool)
Welcome to the 60th Meeting of the High Polymer Research Group
Session 1 Chair – Dr Jerry Winter
09:00 Professor Neil Bourne (School of Materials, University of Manchester)
"Extreme Timescales"
10:00Professor Chris Ober (Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University)
"Extreme UV Patterning for Fast Electronics: Making materials vanish with nm-scale precision"
Session 2 Chair – Professor Rachel O’Reilly
11:30 Professor Sanat Kumar (Chemical Engineering, Columbia University)
"Polymer-grafted nanoparticles under extreme confinement"
17:00Session 3 Chair – Professor Cameron Alexander
Professor Lorna Dougan (School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leeds)
"The physics of life in extreme environments"
18:00Professor Matthew Gibson (Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick)
"Antifreeze Polymers for the Biologic Cold Chain"

Tuesday 26th April

Session 4 Chair – Professor Matthew Gibson
09:00Professor Timothy P Lodge (Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota)
"Extreme kinetics: Dynamics of copolymer micelles"
10:00Professor Linda Schadler (College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, University of Vermont)
"Nanodielectrics under high electric field"
Session 5 Chair – Dr Gareth Crapper
11:30Professor Dr Miriam M Unterlass (Department of Chemistry, Universität Konstanz)
"New production technique for highperformance polymers"
Session 6 Chair – Dr Gareth Crapper
17:00Marion Ingle (Sandberg LLP)
"Design (or lack of) for using polymers in extreme environments"
18:00Dr Matthieu Gresil (Materials Science and Engineering, Monash University)
"Early damage detection in composites"

Wednesday 27th April

09:00Session 7 Chair – Professor Athene Donald
Professor David Bucknall, (School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University)
"Polymers designed for the Ocean Depths"
10:00Dr Matthew Unthank (Department of Applied Sciences, University of Northumbria)
"Epoxy network polymers for applications in extreme environments"
Session 8 Chair – Dr Andrew Burgess
11:30Professor Steven Howdle (School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham)
"Clean Synthesis and Renewable Polymers"
Session 9 Chair – Professor Andy Cooper
17:00Professor Richard Thompson (School of Biological and Marine Sciences, University of Plymouth)
"Plastic litter in the oceans: are there solutions to this global environmental problem?"

Programme download in PDF format (297kB), with social events.

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The banner shows the offshore wind farm at Redcar (Teeside), a 27 turbine installation with 62 MW capacity. Photo by Andrew Burgess (HPRG).

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