About The High Polymer Research Group

The High Polymer Research Group is a charity whose objective is to ensure that leading edge developments in polymer science and engineering are made available and fully discussed by industrial and academic researchers engaged in the field. We do this by organizing conferences that have been held annually since 1960 (Origins and History of the High Polymer Research Group) and we aim to make participation as diverse and as international as possible. Equally we interpret polymer science and engineering in a broad way encompassing biopolymers as well as synthetic polymers and their use in devices, engineering and medicine. In addition to fundamental and applied research the High Polymer Research Group (HPRG) also endeavours to address societal aspects of polymer science.

Polymer meetings

The spirit and quality of the meetings is maintained by encouraging forthright discussion of the contributed talks in the knowledge that no records or reference to the discussions will be made public; all that is requested is that normal good manners are observed in discussions both in the formal sessions and in the free time outside of them. As a result the conferences attract a very high quality of attendees with Nobel laureates figuring amongst them both as presenters of material and as part of the audience. A selection of past conference programmes is available at the link below:

Past Programmes


A Council of Trustees, currently chaired by Professor Athene Donald, guides the policy and direction of the High Polymer Research Group (HPRG) and selects themes for future conferences. The detailed programme of each annual conference is then the responsibility of two conference co-chairs selected from the trustees on the basis of their familiarity with the chosen theme.

Attending a conference

Attendance at the conference is strictly by invitation of the Council, actual invitations being made by the Secretary of the HPRG who also handles arrangements with the conference location (Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley since 2004). The conferences normally always begin on the last Sunday in April and end on the following Thursday when all attendees depart.

The banner shows stylised polymer chains and a data centre.

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