2016: Polymers for Health and Wellbeing

Photograph of the speakers at the 2015 conference.

Back Row: Doctor Jeanette Jones, Professor Gareth Price, Professor Dave Weitz, Professor Harm-Anton Klok , Professor Steve Broaching
Middle Row: Doctor Alberto Saiani , Professor Martina Stenzel, Professor Ana Aguiar-Ricardo, Professor Peter Olmsted, Doctor Paola Carbone , Professor Juan de Pablo
Front Row: Professor Aline Miller, Doctor Jason Harcup, Professor Tony Ryan, Professor Kevin Shakesheff, Professor Anna Balasz, Professor Brent Murray.
Inset: Professor Neil Cameron.

HPRG 56th Meeting

Sunday 24th April - Thursday 28th April 2016
Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire

Conference Chairs: Prof. Aline Miller and Dr. Janette Jones

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

1 Professor Ana Aguiar-Ricardo (University of Lisboa)
"POxylated surfaces: How to design a 'green' soft killer"
2 Dr Paola Carbone (University of Manchester)
"Multi-scale Modelling of Polymers at the Soft-Bio Interface"
3 Professor Juan de Pablo (University of Chicago)
"Protein/DNA Based Materials"
4 Dr Jason Harcup (Unilever)
"Next Generation Personal Care Through the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry"
5 Professor David Kaplan (Tufts)
"Bioengineered Silk Proteins for New Biomaterials"
6 Professor Harm-Anton Klok (Ecole Polytechnique federale de Lausanne)
"Engineering Biointerfaces Using Controlled Radical Polymerisation"
7 Professor Brent Murray (University of Leeds)
"Colloids / Biopolymers Complexes for Delivery of Functional Foods"
8 Dr Peter Olmsted (GeorgeTown University)
"Modelling the Stratum Corneum Barrier in Mammalian Skin"
9 Dr James Philp (OCED)
10 Dr Alberto Saiani (University of Manchester)
"β-sheet Forming Peptides; from self-assembly to functional biomaterials"
11 Professor Kevin Shakesheff (University of Nottingham)
"5 Polymers I Wish Existed"
12 Professor Martina Stenzel (University of New South Wales)
"Polymer Nanoparticles For Drug Delivery"
13 Professor Gordon Wallace (University of Wollongong)
"Intelligent Polymer Systems for Medical Bionics"
14 Professor David Weitz (Harvard University)
"Biomechanics and Motor Control"

During the meeting Professor Anna Balzas was presented with the RSC S F Boys – A Rahman Prize

The High Polymer Research Group is grateful to the following companies and organisations for their support of our 56th annual conference:

GOLD sponsor - High Polymer 56:

INFINEUM Formulating, manufacturing and marketing fuel and lubricant additives.

Sponsors of Polymers for Health and Wellbeing - High Polymer 56:

Agilent technologies - analytical equipment, genomics, reagents and therapeutics.

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals.

ALIAXIS Manufacturing and distributing plastic fluid handling systems for residential and commercial construction, industrial and public infrastructure.

ASHLAND: Specialty chemicals.

Bruker: leading analytical instrumentation.

Elsevier: information solutions.

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants for aqueous inkjet inks, pigment dispersions and dyes.

UNILEVER: Foods, personal and household care products.


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