2018: Polymer Surfaces by Design

Photograph of the speakers at the 2018 conference.

HPRG 58th Meeting

Sunday 29th April - Thursday 3rd May 2018
Shrigley Hall Hotel, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire

Conference Chairs: Prof. Joe Keddie and Dr Arthur Wilkinson


Al Crosby (University of Massachusetts)
"Looking Beyond the Surface: Aspects of Synthetic and Biological Adhesion"

Caterina Esteves (Eindhoven University of Technology,)
"Self-Replenishing Polymer Surfaces: Repairing Surface Functionalities by Designed Polymers and Networks"

Walter Federle (University of Cambridge)
"Running with Sticky Feet: Biomechanics of Surface Adhesion in Insects"

Keith Powell (Innovia Films)
"Racing against time: Optimisation and evolution of surface functionalised BOPP films"

Matthias Gerst (BASF)
"Non-covalent Cross-Linking for High Performance Adhesives"

Peter Green (University of Michigan)
"Role of Morphology on Carrier Transport in Conjugated Polymer Films"

Craig Hawker (University of California - Santa Barbara)
"Synthetic Control of Functional Groups at Surfaces and Interfaces"

Wayne Hayes (University of Reading)
"A Supramolecular Approach to New Ink-Jet Materials"

Eugenia Kumacheva (University of Toronto)
"From pinned micelles to surface patterning"

Katharina Landfester (Max Planck Institut für Polymer Forschung Mainz)
"Nanocapsules for Self-Healing and Anticorrosion Applications"

Graham Leggett (University of Sheffield)
"Low-Dimensional Polymers: Patterning, Tribology and Biology"

Jane Lipson (Dartmouth University)
"Effects of Interfaces on the Polymer Glass Transition: Connecting to Experiment via Theory and Simulation"

Neil McKeown (University of Edinburgh)
"Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity: Generating, Maintaining and Using Free Volume in Polymers"

Élie Raphaël (ESPCI, Paris)
"Capillary Levelling of Thin Polymer Films"

The High Polymer Research Group is grateful to the following companies and organisations for their support of our 58th annual conference:

GOLD sponsor - High Polymer 58:

INFINEUM Formulating, manufacturing and marketing fuel and lubricant additives.

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ALIAXIS Manufacturing and distributing plastic fluid handling systems for residential and commercial construction, industrial and public infrastructure.

UNILEVER: Foods, personal and household care products.

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Agilent technologies - analytical equipment, genomics, reagents and therapeutics.

ASHLAND: Specialty chemicals.

Diamond Light Source is the UK's national synchrotron. The high brilliance of the insertion device source on I22 (Small Angle Scattering & Diffraction) allows structural investigation of materials under extreme environments.

Elsevier's Polymer: The International Journal for the Science and Technology of Polymers.

Polymers — Open Access Polymer Science Journal: Offers rapid publication in polymer science, with high impact factor.

The banner for 2018: Polymer Surfaces by Design shows an AFM topographic image of a colloidal coating made from a binary blend of polymer particles. (Image courtesy of David Makepeace, University of Surrey.)


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